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Block Heater Bumper Plug
Excelsior Block Heater Bumper Plug

for Dodge Diesel Trucks Only

Model Years -- Part Number

1994-2002  -- WDBHP-9402
2003-2009  -- WDBHP-0309

1998-2002* -- WDBHP-9802SP
*Sport Package Only for '98- '02 model year Dodge diesel trucks.

Excelsior Block Heater Bumper Plug for Cummins Diesel Engines

The block heater provided on the Cummins Turbo Diesel makes for quick warm-ups on cold mornings, and it is almost a necessity in the northern latitudes. But, rooting around behind the bumper in cold, soggy weather just to find and uncover the plug can certainly discourage its use.


Install an Excelsior Block Heater Bumper Plug on your truck, and you have the heater connection located on a fixed position right up front behind a flip-open, waterproof cover. One hand can snap open the cover then plug in the power cord.